Swimming pool games are a great way to get everyone in the pool, especially during parties or get-togethers. If some of your guests are reluctant to get to know others, you can even use one of these games as an ice breaker. Some of these pool games require equipment, while others only require willing participants. Have fun and always remember to put safety first.

Kids playing water volleyball

Water Volleyball

Volleyball is a great, casual sport that can encourage teamwork whether on land or in the water. You don’t have to install permanent posts in order to use a volleyball net, you can purchase temporary posts that can be moved when not in use. Keep in mind that you will likely want to warn those around you if a game of water volleyball is about to begin, as well as keep any and all breakables far away from the pool. Volleyballs tend to fly unexpectedly and can cause injury or damage.

Aduts playing chicken fight in a pool

Chicken Fight

This is an age-old game that takes no experience or equipment to play. Just place one swimmer on the other swimmer’s shoulders and begin trying to push the other team over. Normally you would want the stronger or more experienced swimmer at the bottom on each team. This game works best with exactly 4 players, any more and it can become dangerous. For safety reasons, this game should never be played in smaller pools or near the edges of a pool.

A whirlpool of water in the swimming pool


This game can be enjoyed by children an adults alike. All it takes is for a few people to begin walking/wading around the pool in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion and for more swimmers to join in. The more swimmers the quicker the pool will become its own whirlpool. Keep an eye on younger children during this game and utilize “floaties” or life jackets to help keep inexperienced swimmers safe.

Coins at the bottom of a pool

Search For Treasures

Coins make the best treasures to use in this game. Throw a few coins into the pool at the desired water level and have swimmers compete to see how many coins they can pick up in a certain amount of time or in just one breath. If your pool is smaller or you have multiple swimmers that want to play, try taking turns and reusing the same coins each time.

Kids playing games in the pool

Marco Polo

If you haven’t ever played Marco Polo, you haven’t truly enjoyed everything a pool has to offer. Marco Polo is another age-old pool game that just about anyone can play. This game is just like playing hide-and-go-seek, only the seeker keeps their eyes closed and calls out “Marco” then each hider responds “Polo” until the seeker tags one of the hiders. Some rules for this game allow “fish out of water” meaning the swimmers can get out of the pool and run around. For safety reasons, you should always establish a rule that running should not occur around your pool.

In addition to having any organized games, it’s always a great idea to keep a few fun items on hand for use in the pool. Some of the most popular pool toys are: pool noodles, squirt guns, inflatable rafts, and floating rings. Just a reminder: always put safety first and establish rules before entering the pool or beginning a game in the pool.

Before hosting any pool parties, ensure that your pool is clean and safe for use. Contact us today if you need assistance cleaning, repair, or remodeling your pool.

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