Whether it’s summer or winter, adding visual interest to your pool is a great idea. Most homeowners go through great lengths to decorate their home inside and out, but don’t forget to experiment with pool decor as well. Depending on your style and your budget, there are many different accessories you use. Floating Orbs These…

Swimming pool games are a great way to get everyone in the pool, especially during parties or get-togethers. If some of your guests are reluctant to get to know others, you can even use one of these games as an ice breaker. Some of these pool games require equipment, while others only require willing participants….

If you’ve ever been camping and wanted to bring along your whole home, you may be familiar with the concept of bring the indoors outdoors. This concept can also be applied to your backyard. By bringing certain home features to your backyard you can create a comfortable and entertaining place for your family and your…

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