If you’ve ever been camping and wanted to bring along your whole home, you may be familiar with the concept of bring the indoors outdoors. This concept can also be applied to your backyard. By bringing certain home features to your backyard you can create a comfortable and entertaining place for your family and your guests.

Outdoor Fan

Ceiling Fans

Living in North Texas, we know full-well how hot it gets throughout the Summer. In combination with misters and shade, ceiling fans can make outdoor temperatures in the 90s bearable and maybe even comfortable. You can purchase ceiling fans intended for outdoor use, but remember if you utilize indoor ceiling fans that they should be protected from the elements. Painting ceiling fans can also brighten your backyard and add to a style or theme.

Screen Projector

Television or Projector

What better way to enjoy sporting events than from the comfort of your own backyard? Televisions are often used on decks or in screened porches, however they are often susceptible to humidity, heat, and sunlight. If you intend on doing a great bit of nighttime entertaining, a projector with a large screen may be more appropriate. Since projectors are now small and portable, you would only need to bring the projector outdoors when in use. This reduces the likelihood of the device being stolen or damaged due to the elements.

Outdoor Kitchen


Common kitchen elements such as a refrigerator, stovetop or griddle can come in handy outdoors when you are entertaining a large group. Of course a grill is a common cooking device you would find outdoors, but why stop there? Rather than shuffling food back and forth between your kitchen and where the action is occurring, an outdoor food preparation area may be appealing. Of course, outdoor kitchens are not typically for the faint of wallet, as safely installing these appliances outdoors can become expensive and quickly. Determine which outdoor features are essential to your needs and decide on a layout and elements from there.

Outdoor Furniture


Arguably, indoor furniture should stay indoors unless it lacks fabric that can fall victim to mildew. Most outdoor furniture utilizes wood that is treated to withstand the elements and any fabric used on outdoor furniture is built to last as well. Although outdoor furniture may be made differently than indoor furniture, that does not mean it has to look much different. Using bright colors and patterns can be inviting to guests and open up your outdoor living or dining space.

These are just a few ideas to help make your outdoor spaces feel a bit more comfortable with amenities from the indoors. There are many more ways to incorporate elements of the indoors outside in cost-effective and innovative ways.

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