Whether it’s summer or winter, adding visual interest to your pool is a great idea. Most homeowners go through great lengths to decorate their home inside and out, but don’t forget to experiment with pool decor as well. Depending on your style and your budget, there are many different accessories you use.

Floating Orbs


These waterproof, colored balls are fun for in or out of the pool. The sealed battery compartment allows the orbs to float in your pool without any damage to the device. The particular orbs pictured here change colors and can be set to a fixed color of your choice.

These orbs are relatively sturdy, so use around kids and teenagers should still be fine, though it’s probably  not a good idea to throw, kick, or bounce these lighting objects. Some interesting uses for these orbs are: as table decorations, pool flotations, water fountain flotation (on top of a water fountain, spinning), or in your unused lawn.

Water Features


There are several different water features that can add to a pool’s aesthetic. This particular feature pictured is easy to install and also customizable. Many pool owners also install water features that draw up water outside of the pool, then redistribute water back into the pool.

With a water feature, you can add visual interest for year round use, and most water features can be enjoyed whether the pool is in use or not. For additional fun, add lights to your water feature and a timer so that you don’t have to constantly turn on and off this visual treat!

Floating Candles


Candles are often chosen in decor because of their beauty, but LED candles are chosen for their safety and no-hassle nature. These candles shown here last approximately 50 hours and can be replaced as needed.

LED candles are ideal for pools, especially ones that are in use by children or otherwise splashy guests. Not only will they avoid being extinguished, but the homeowner can avoid any risk of injury.

You can also create consistency by purchasing LED candles of the same color for use on tables during parties or gatherings.

The BEST Way To Accessorize Your Pool


Of course, the #1 accessory your pool can have are guests! When the weather is nice and your pool is up to par, consider throwing a pool party. Just pick a theme, stock up on food, decor, and supplies, then send out an e-vite to your family and friends!

Whether your guests can jump into the pool or if they must remain poolside, they can enjoy the pool and your back yard with these decor ideas.


As always, be safe before and during any parties. Make sure that your pool is ready for guests, and if you need help give us a call. Also make sure to have life jackets and other safety equipment on hand for your guests.

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