Our calendars say “fall” but here in North Texas we are still experiencing temperatures into the 90s during the day, so there’s still time to get out and enjoy your pool this year! Before you invite your friends and family over, take these steps to make sure you have the best pool party of the season.

1Purchase and prepare safety equipment

First and foremost, make sure that your pool is a safe place for guests to enjoy. Flotation devices, sunscreen, ear plugs, and goggles are just some of the important safety tools that may be needed over the course of a pool party. If you are expecting children and/or pets at your party, consider reviewing safety rules upon entry and appointing a adults to supervise pool activity throughout the event.

2Setup a playlist and sound system

No party is complete without music or other entertainment. If you are not gathering to celebrate a sporting event, consider setting a theme for your party and create a playlist to complement the theme. Outdoor speakers are fairly common and have become more reasonable in price over the years. These speakers are specially made for outdoor use as they are designed to withstand extreme temperatures as well as moisture or direct rain. There are even some speakers shaped like rocks so that speakers do not have to stand out or be an eyesore.

3Prepare activities for all ages

Some guests will want to join in on pool activity while others may want to remain poolside. Marco Polo is a common game for in the pool as well as searching for floating rings and sticks in the deep end. For those guests that do not want to get into their swimsuits, horseshoes or a more active sport of volleyball can be a fun way to hang out with friends without hitting the pool. Extra-large Jenga pieces are also a fun way to challenge your friends, and it’s always comical when the tower falls… and it always falls!

4Organize your menu and buy groceries

Food is the key to almost anyone’s heart. Prepare delicious food that they will remember for years to come. They key to truly impressing your friends may be easier than you think – use them for inspiration. Ask what foods interest them and include these foods in the meal somehow. You can also try the exact opposite by trying a cuisine from another country or part of the world that you and your friends don’t often try. Either way, don’t just stick with what is usual or expected, take chances and have fun with food!


Another important part of preparing for a pool party is ensuring that your pool is safe for swimming. Chemicals should be checked and rechecked before opening your pool up to guests. To ensure your pool is safe and clean, contact us today for assistance.

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