Many unwanted items can be introduced and can possibly harm your pool, prevent prior chemical treatments from doing their job, make water unhealthy, make pool water unappealing, or all of the above.

Anything that comes in contact with you pool water affects your pool water balance. From weather oils, dirt and cosmetics affect it and it keeps it constantly changing, year round. The foundation for clear and clean water begins with a total alkalinity of 70 to 140 ppm.


Total Alkalinity refers to how much alkaline is in the water. Alkalinity and pH go hand-in-hand. High alkaline water means high pH level; pH levels should be kept close to the ideal of 7.4-7.6. High pH levels make chlorine inactive. Chlorine levels should be kept at a proper 2 to 4 ppm and a stabilizer reading of 40 ppm. When your stabilizer is low, you’ll use more chlorine. When it’s high, you may want to dilute your pool water to bring it back to 40 to 100 ppm ideal range.


The right amount of calcium in your pool is essential. Too little calcium and your plaster can erode. Too much calcium and your water may become cloudy. Calcium Hardness should be kept at a general range of 200 to 400 ppm.

There are two things that you should always keep in mind when maintaining a healthy pool: water must be sanitized and it must be balanced. If you need help getting your pool maintenance in check, call the Allen, TX pool cleaning experts at Metrotech Pools.

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