Summer is in full swing, and just around the corner are pool parties, BBQ shindigs, and luaus! Before all the festivities, make sure to prepare your home and your guests so that you can have a successful, and safe get-together!

Install a fence around the pool perimeter

Fences are the most basic and important way to provide safety and peace of mind to homeowners with pools as well as children and pets. It’s recommended that pool perimeter fences be at least 4 feet tall. For additional security a “top pull” latch can be installed on the gate to deter young children from entering the pool area without adult supervision.

Utilize safety equipment for children

With young children it’s important to emphasize the importance of wearing safety equipment such as lifejackets or inflatable “floaties” for the older children. Depending on the environment, children could also benefit from wearing swim shoes to protect their feet.

Appoint an adult to supervise the pool

When multiple children will be swimming at your home, appoint an adult to supervise the pool. If your event lasts a few hours, adults may choose to take shifts so each adult can enjoy some of the party. Make sure that any supervising adult is proficient at swimming and if you want to make it fun for them provide them with an umbrella and a whistle!

Keep these important items on hand

  • Sunscreen is likely a no-brainer, pay attention to the SPF level and remember to re-apply according to the instructions on the label
  • Earplugs and nose-plugs- while not every adult or child may need these, having these items on standby can prevent someone from being left out of all the fun
  • Swim Diapers – If you’re anticipating many children to enter your pool that are not yet “potty trained” you may even pick up a pack or two so that no accidents end your party early

Establish (communicate or post) rules

If an adult will not be appointed to supervise the pool, make sure that all adults and children are aware of the rules and what safety precautions they should make. Pointing out potential hazards such as puddles of water around the pool or spots where diving is allowed can help keep everyone on the same page.

Consider pets and their interaction with the pool

Not all pets can swim, and not all pets should. When children are in or near the pool, it may be best to keep rowdy pets from jumping in. If you intend on pets splashing around, be sure to introduce them to the pool slowly at first and show them how to exit on their own in case they enter the pool without supervision. Many pet stores sell life jackets for dogs, but like children’s life jackets, you should never rely solely on this flotation device for your safety.

Ensure your pool is clean and clear

Regularly evaluating the chemistry of your pool is important for the upkeep of your pool as well as the health to your guests. Monitoring and adjusting the circulation, filtration, and chemicals can help prevent earaches and other more serious illnesses or diseases.

If your schedule is filled to the brim with fun summer activities, we can assist you with maintaining your pool so that you are ready to host your own safe and fun events. Please contact us for more information about pool maintenance, pool repair, or pool remodeling.

The information on this website is intended to promote safety regarding pools during the summer when pools are more active. Please understand that Metrotech cannot ensure the safety of any person in or around your pool and therefore we will accept no responsibility for accidents or injuries that occur while following these recommendations. In the event of an injury or illness, please contact your physician or emergency personnel immediately.

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