There are many ways to spruce up your pool to get the most use out of it. Summer is coming to an end, but in North Texas early fall weather often allows homeowners to continue use of their home pool for a few more weeks. It’s not too late to improve your backyard pool with these features, or at least prepare your pool for use next summer.

Pool Floats

Pool Floats

They come in all different shapes and sizes, and they serve all sorts of functions but they all hold air. Some people use pool floats to help teach children to swim while others use them to lounge and relax in their pool. Pool floats can be expensive and ornate such as floating chairs with cup holders, or they can be inexpensive and simple such as an inner tube.



Depending on the size of your pool and the construction of the slide, construction time may vary. Slides are a great way to safely entertain children at pool parties or other gatherings. Often times the most risky part of using a slide is keeping others clear from where the slide empties out, be sure to have kids leave at least a 5-foot radius around the slide so that no accidents happen.

Diving Sticks

Diving Sticks/Rings

Kids love to throw, dive, and hunt for these rinks and sticks that float just enough so that they do not lie flat at the bottom of the pool. Watch out for flying rings and sticks when kids are playing nearby! You can find these kids toys almost anywhere you can find other pool equipment such as goggles and flippers. Diving sticks and rings can also be a great team sport for kids and adults alike; some kids may even get a kick out of using snorkeling gear to find their rings and sticks.

Diving Board

Diving Boards

CANNONBALL!! We’ve all heard that shouted at least a handful of times. Kids and adults alike will enjoy a simple diving board if your home pool is deep enough to accommodate it. Safety is another factor, with a diving board it’s essential that swimmers are aware of their surroundings at all times and avoid hanging out around or below the diving board.

Floating Coolers

Floating Coolers

Floating coolers can be used for adult and children’s parties alike. From juice boxes to your favorite beers, floating coolers can keep your drinks afloat, cool, and ready for consumption. These coolers are also multi-use as they can be taken to the beach or river as allowed.

These are just a few, simple ideas to help spruce up your time in the pool. Each home is different and may use their pool for different purposes, so whatever your reasons for owning and using your pool spend some time and money and get the most out of it!

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